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  1. Six Battles Every Man Must Win. . . . and the Ancient Secrets Youll Need to Succeed
    The story of Davids "mighty men" (primarily found in 2 Samuel 23) drives this challenging and encouraging book for Christian men. The mighty men werent drafted into Davids army because of their impressive resumes. They were broken men who, given an opportunity to achieve greatness, responded like champions. In Six Battles Every Man Must Win, popular author and speaker Bill Perkins uses the story to illustrate the six battles Davids men fought, and men today must win, to become powerful and effective warriors in Gods kingdom. Saber más
  2.  What God Does When Men Lead
    Let’s face it, men: We may not all think of ourselves as leaders, but we each want to be the kind of man people admire . . . strong, confident, and courageous. A man whose life really makes an impact; a man who is secure in himself and who takes good care of the people he loves. But a lot of us secretly don’t believe we have what it takes to lead.
    If this sounds familiar, and you feel like you’re holding back from the best life has to offer, best-selling author Bill Peel has good news: God has created and equipped you with specific gifts that will help you fulfill the plans He has for you as a man-and as a leader. In What God Does When Men Lead, Bill will show you how to discover your true power and potential, resulting in a richer family dynamic, a more rewarding work environment, a transformed church-in short, a deeper and more satisfying life than you’ve ever imagined. Saber más
  3.  Dear Son
    Today’s culture doesn’t encourage men to grow up. Everyone from pastors to op-ed columnists have described a crisis of masculinity, fostered by a media culture that uniformly make men the butts of jokes. Men are much more likely to give up on life than women. One indicator of this is the large gender difference in suicide rates-men are four times more likely than women to drop out of life. This points to a profound lack of effective mentoring of men, especially in the church. Dave Bruskas seeks to fill in this gap with this book. Two decades ago, Dave lost his only infant son to a congenital heart defect. That devastating loss fueled his desire to provide effective mentoring to young men. Dear Son contains the guidance and insights Dave would have given his son if he had lived through the milestones of growing up: from first dates to first jobs, from weddings to births, from friendships to funerals. Dear Son contains heartfelt wisdom for life’s journey, especially for guys-and for those who want to strengthen them. Saber más
  4.  She Calls Me Daddy
    Babies come in two kinds, boys and girls. But many dads get a bit more nervous when told they are going home with a cute little bundle of joy . . . covered in pink! Robert Wolgemuth puts anxieties to rest, encouraging new fathers of the wonderful times waiting ahead, while providing practical guidance and encouragement for every father who is walking the journey of growing a confident, God-honoring woman who (still) calls him daddy.

    This book, which has sold over 300,000 copies, has now been updated by the author (over 40% of the book is new material) and includes a foreword by Greg and Gary Smalley. Building on seven critical foundational elements (protect your daughter, teach the art of conversation, express affection, discipline appropriately, create laughter, instill faith in God, and demonstrate proper conduct) Wolgemuth suggests ways to actually get to know your "little" girl and foster a deep and ongoing connection at every age. Saber más
  5.  Kingdom Man
    Discover your hidden strength.
    Tired of dragging yourself from work to home to church to bed and back again, just going through the motions? God created you for something much bigger, more exciting, more . . . manly.

    God wants you to change the world-or at least your corner of it.

    Better yet, He wants you to have the adventure of a lifetime doing it! He’s got a realm for you to rule, people to protect, missions to accomplish. And He’s promised to give you everything you need to succeed.

    Follow Dr. Tony Evans as he leads the charge toward meaningful manhood. You’ll see why he loves being a man-and why your loved ones will thank you for reading this book.

    The enemy doesn’t want you to know it, but you’re not the man you think you are. You’re a whole lot more.

    Starting now, you can be a Kingdom Man.

    "The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field." (Matthew 13:44)
    A priceless treasure is worth everything you have. But so many men today are living without even a semblance of treasure because they have not understood the mystery of the Kingdom; instead, they settle for gadgets, golf clubs, video games, careers, cars, remotes, and vacation packages.

    Those things are okay-unless they take you off course from pursuing the Kingdom-unless they become your goal.

    Men, God has a standard, a goal. Yet so many have lowered His goal, only to then congratulate themselves for being able to dunk the ball. A cursory glance around our homes, churches, communities, and globe reveals that men-not all, but many-have missed the goal to live as a Kingdom Man.

    Society has deteriorated to an all-time low. Our world is on a downward path of self-destructive behavior.

    That must change-but how?

    It’s up to men to take the lead in raising the standard back to where God originally placed it. This book is about raising that standard and defining manhood as God intended. It’s about discovering what it means to be a Kingdom Man. Saber más
  6.  Words and Deeds
    We know intuitively, deep in our bones, that the best life is a life where our words and our deeds count for something greater than ourselves. Our hearts quicken when we hear a rousing call to action, when we see someone taking a hill that must be taken. We know that doing and saying nothing is beneath us-that our words and deeds can be the best things about us.

    Words and Deeds is an integrity-pulse check packed with inspiring war stories. It offers a way of gauging the strength of our integrity and a path toward growing in courage. There is a unique diagnostic assessment for men to take and see how they are utilizing both words and deeds as instruments of their character.

    As you learn to align your words and deeds, you will be inspired and empowered to get off the couch and live a life of significance.

    Special features:
    • 40-question diagnostic assessment tool (in the book and online) for measuring and growing in integrity
    • 6-week small group Bible study
    Saber más
  7.  Dangerous Good
    God made us men; it’s time to act like it.
    There’s a revolution brewing, a sleeping giant awakening from a long slumber. For too long, we have been sitting on the sidelines, minding our own business, nursing our wounds.

    We are meant for greater things than these, and the world can no longer indulge our lethargy. Men, it’s time we entered the danger-for the good of ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, and our world. Led by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we can confront and transform the climate of moral relativism with our dangerous good God and his growing army of men who care.

    It’s time to rediscover who we are and who we’re made to be. Saber más
  8. The Soul of a Hero
    If you are a man who is stuck and empty and ready for change, this is the book for you. If you are someone who would love to see the man in your life with the spark you used to see in his eyes, this book is a superb gift for him.

    When people hear the word hero these days, the movie cliché of a superhero rescuing a desperate woman instantly comes to mind. But answering the call to be a godly hero is far from that mistaken scenario. The lives of too many guys are full of pain and frustration and an aimless desire to either medicate the pain or find another victim to rescue-the furthest thing from being a hero. The world needs men who are running on all cylinders, passionate about what they do. In The Soul of a Hero, bestselling authors and respected counselors Stephen Arterburn and David Stoop guide men to a better, hope-filled life by helping them rediscover their true God-given calling: to be a hero.

    When men live into their true identity as heroes, temptations lose their allure and depression gives way to energy. Men who once felt as if their best years were behind them find a second wind to help them live every moment to its fullest. This book calls and equips men to become the heroes their wives, sons, daughters, friends, and coworkers want and need them to be.

    In The Soul of a Hero, you will learn how to start from empty and transform yourself into a man who is thriving with purpose, joy, and true grit. Saber más
  9.  Failsafe
    Everyone knows we’re in a crisis of manhood.
    More and more men are being cut down in their prime by insecurities, finding themselves addicted to broken, worldly markers of significance: their jobs, their standing in the community, their physique, and on and on and on.

    In Failsafe, Kenny Luck shows how emotional immaturity-the stuckness that so many of us feel-gets in the way of spiritual maturity. He points men to the liberation that awaits us when we look to Christ as a model for masculinity and an anchor for our identity. We are made in the image of a loving God! We are being remade as new creations no longer bound to the patterns of this world! We are free and secure in the arms of a loving God who has overcome the world. And he invites us to live into our godly call to transform the world with grace and courage. Saber más
  10.  Game Plan for Life
    How Do You Define Success?

    Not many people rise to the top of two elite, highly competitive professions in their lifetime, but that is exactly what three-time Super Bowl champion and five-time NASCAR champion Joe Gibbs has done.

    Now, for the first time, Coach Gibbs shares the principles that have guided him to success in every area of his life and explains how you can make those same principles work for you. Join Joe and his team of experts as they walk you through the greatest playbook for modern-day success ever written-the Bible-and address the twelve most important issues facing men today.
    • Finances: How do I master my money? RON BLUE
    • Health: How do I achieve peak physical and emotional health? DR. WALT LARIMORE
    • Relationships: What does God say about marriage and sex? DON MEREDITH
    • Vocation: How do I build a successful life and career? DR. OS GUINNESS
    • The Bible: Can I believe it? JOSH MCDOWELL
    • God: Who is He? DR. KEN BOA
    • Creation: How did life begin? DR. JOHN LENNOX
    • Sin and Addiction: How do I deal with sin? ALISTAIR BEGG
    • Salvation: How do I get on the winning team? CHUCK COLSON
    • Purpose: How do I get the most out of life? DR. TONY EVANS
    • Heaven: Where will I spend eternity? RANDY ALCORN
    • Loss: How do I deal with grief? JOE GIBBS
    Discover the Playbook for true success in your life. Saber más

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